Target what you need, when you need it.

Over time, SharePoint document libraries and lists can grow to contain hundreds (or even thousands!) of items. Searching for a subset within such a large collection can be frustrating and time-consuming. Using the metadata already associated with your list or library, ND|Filter provides a quick and easy way of targeting exactly the content you need.


Unlike filtering using SharePoint column headings, ND|Filter will only show the metadata values that are used by the collection, leaving out values that are not represented. With each filter you apply, the values in the filters for your other columns shrinks to match the new subset. You will never filter to ‘zero’ results.

Need to add or remove a column from your list or library? Not a problem. ND|Filter immediately adjusts, without needing to be reconfigured. It’s a powerful and flexible search tool that your IT team can configure and forget about – but your users certainly won’t.

  • Flexible, customizable app, providing seamless SharePoint integration.
  • Works with your list or library’s existing metadata.
  • Beautiful and intuitive user interface.
  • Only filter to metadata values that are used in your data collection.


Name: ND|Filter
Platform: O365 - On Premise
Release Date: Available

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What our users say...

ND|Filter was an amazing buy. We have several document libraries with hundreds of documents, and we used to hear complaints from users about how difficult it was to narrow the library to a usable view. With ND|Filter, it was a quick download and set up, and there has been no maintenance. A win for my IT team and for our users.
Ron Lipman, IT Administrator
I get asked all the time for information packages based on criteria like client, date range, pricing, and so on. I use ND|Filter as a quick way to compile a very specific view of a large amount of data. I love that my drop-down options decrease with each filter I apply – very smart!
Callie Richards, Records Manager
I used to use SharePoint’s filters to narrow the list of contracts to a particular client and year. But we have so many clients in the drop-down list now that I have to keep clicking the ‘more’ button. Using ND|Filter is a huge time saver, because if I select the year, my options in the Client list are immediately available for selection.
Dan Ramos, Sales Associate